Letter to the Editor: Think before you vote


What is happening to us and our beloved country?

Our parents and our ancestors endured incredible hardships. Willingly and unwillingly they walked the deserts, forests and mountains, and crossed vast oceans in little cockle-shell boats to create our beautiful nation, an inspiration to freedom-loving peoples everywhere.

We cured polio, heart disease and small pox. We walked on the moon. We became that shining city set on a hill that celebrated the land and of freedom, and land of hope and glory.

We are about to lose our hard-won freedoms. We are about to allow an unknown band of wealthy pirates to purchase our government. We are allowing them to fill our airwaves and our print media with false and exaggerated information.

Thanks to our Supreme Court, we allow our employers to utilize the fruits of our work, profits we should be sharing, to further their own selfish interests. Then we will tamely go to the polls and vote as bidden, so they can continue their take-over.

Please friends, wake up! Set aside your emotions and “the way we always did things.” Study the candidates, their actions, and their offerings. Think before you vote! And then vote.

Gloria Rickel, Front Royal