Letter to the Editor: Vote for trickle-up economics!


We have tried trickle-down economics and it did not work. Now let’s try trickle-up economics.

There are a lot of people in the United States, good people, who for one reason or another did not get an adequate education — who did not obtain a marketable skill worthy of say $10 an hour. We can blame it on them and say tough luck buddy. Or we can do something about it. We can elect senators and representatives who will pass a $10 (or more) national minimum wage law. And, doing so will not hurt our economy. In fact it will help.

I know most people think that if we increase wages in the U.S., it will make us less competitive. Wrong. Most minimum wage workers (specifically workers in the service industries) are not in competition with low wage workers in foreign countries. Think bank tellers, office cleaners, hospital aides, waiters and waitresses, mechanics and construction workers.

Increasing the minimum wage will get a lot of people off of welfare and food stamps and it will put money in the pockets of those people living on the edge, from pay check to pay check. These are just the people who will spend most of that additional income as soon as they get it. Hopefully, raising the minimum wage to $10 an hour will permit them to save some of it for a rainy day, but even if they don’t, it will have a beneficial effect on our economy because spending equals consumption and our economy is consumer driven.

It will also put upward pressure on wages in general, although most non-service industries are already paying more than $10 per hour.

A $10 per hour minimum wage will help reduce the national deficit by reducing government expenditures on welfare, food stamps and other safety net programs, and by increasing tax revenue.

So if you are registered to vote and have a photo ID, go to the polls on Tuesday and vote Democratic, because the Republicans simply will not pass national $10 per hour minimum wage legislation.

Waller Hyde Wilson, Front Royal