Letter to the Editor: Warner puts interests of Americans first


Negative campaigning is now the standard. Readers of these pages may recall that some of my letters have been negative, too, although they are usually about issues (and, I’d argue, their targets richly deserved my comments).

Be that as it may, it is gratifying to have the opportunity to write a positive note about a candidate. That candidate is Virginia’s senior U.S. senator, Mark Warner.

The commonwealth was fortunate to experience Warner’s leadership during his four years as governor. I’ll resist the impulse to list his many accomplishments in that office. But I will recall some of their results. As a candidate for the U.S. Senate, Warner won an overwhelming victory six years ago, receiving over 65 percent of the votes. How about this — he won over 50 percent of the votes in Shenandoah County.

Since Warner is now a candidate for re-election, it’s fair to evaluate his services during his term in the Senate. He is a Democrat. It is, therefore, hardly a surprise that he casts most of his votes with his Democratic colleagues. But there are surprises. In a Congress riven with bitter partisanship, Warner is one of a handful of members who work cooperatively with those across the aisle.

On some of the great issues, and on some that are just important, he and a few similarly inclined have struggled together. In the environment in which they serve, they usually (but not always) have failed. But how heartening to know that there are still those in Washington who put the interests of the American people first.

It is not hard to find those of various political persuasions who support Warner. Among them are such prominent Republicans as long-time U.S. Sen. John Warner, veteran State Sen. Russ Potts, and former Del. Clint Miller. Warner has earned your support, too. Be sure to get out to vote on Nov. 4.

Bob Lowerre, Woodstock