Letter to the editor: Gillespie’s stance on Social Security is troubling


This year’s Senate race between U.S. Sen. Mark Warner and his challenger, Ed Gillespie, is an important one.

I have seen a few races in my time, and while I do not think Gillespie has much of a chance of winning the seat at this point, I still feel the need to express my displeasure with his stance on Social Security.

I recall clearly Gillespie’s time in the Bush White House. He was one of the most outspoken proponents of privatizing Social Security. Thank goodness that fell through, as it would have ruined millions of retirement plans in the 2008 financial crisis. The greatest profit from such a move would have gone straight to Wall Street while we the people would have been left with reduced benefits and a larger national debt.

Gillespie, however, seemingly fails to see the error of his proposed policies; he still advocates for Social Security privatization as far as I know. Many of his colleagues involved in close races around the country have come to the position that the American people do not want to privatize Social Security but will consider necessary improvements. However, I have yet to hear Gillespie repudiate his previously announced stance on the issue.

I am voting for Warner because the alternative has the potential to be disastrous for my household and the livelihoods of others. I hope most Virginians understand and now share this position.

Luther Santiful, Edinburg