Letter to the Editor: Let’s launch a Trash is Ugly campaign


I moved to West Virginia eight years ago and have had a blast here and in Virginia.

I work in Virginia at a service station, so I get to meet a lot of interesting people. One person who had an impact on me is a woman named Brenda. She was mentioned in a news story earlier this year about cleaning up your neighborhood. She keeps trash bags in her car and at home to pick up trash along West Virginia’s rural and neighborhood roads.

I now carry a bag with me when walking my dog and I’ve noticed a difference on some roads — they are less cluttered with junk.

I’d like to launch a “Trash is Ugly” campaign (that was a quote she used when being interviewed for the newspaper article). It’s simple and to the point.

Trash is Ugly signs or local infomercials would encourage people in neighborhoods to keep their lots and surrounding areas clean and encourage recycling to make a better Earth. We are stewards on this Earth and it’s our responsibility to keep it clean.

Sue Collison, Bunker Hill, West Virginia