Letter to the Editor: Change is needed in Shenandoah County


There have been several issues with the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors.

The first is the issue about our county attorney. Why do we have to use the same attorney for years? Why not get bids? It is our tax money that is being spent. Do the supervisors get estimates for repairs on their homes? I’m sure they do.

The next issue is the bid on the bulldozer for the landfill. Why does it have to be John Deere? Because someone knows somebody? Supervisors are spending our tax money. There are other brands of equipment being used at the landfill.

The last issue that I read about was the takeover of the Toms Brook Fire Department building. The citizens of Toms Brook built that fire station. At one time we had volunteers until our EMS leaders thought we needed paid people.

Why is this building not up to standards? Why was our fire marshall doing the inspection? Our volunteers do a super job with the lawn party and parade. I haven’t yet seen any supervisors helping out. The supervisors should not be given any part of the building.

We are not in Fairfax County. This is Shenandoah County with no government that gives a heck about the citizens. Come on taxpayers, let’s get these people out of office. The two new supervisors will have a hard time until the change takes place. We don’t have volunteers like the old days because they have been pushed away. Why?

Robert Rinker, Toms Brook