Letter to the Editor: Confidentiality outline was ‘over the top’


The confidentiality outline presented to the Shenandoah Board of Supervisors by County Attorney Jay Litten is “over the top” for this citizen/veteran. Citizen votes sent a message to the board for transparency and representation, yet senior board members appear spasmodic and their inherited attorney unworthy of the position.

Litten’s outline pushes boundaries against citizens and freedom of information. Our county’s primary duty is to protect citizens from harm in a manner equivalent to citizen representation. Concepts of lawyer confidentiality and attorney-client privilege both concern information that the lawyer must keep private, not applying to the client or in this case – the public.

Clients cannot be held hostage by their attorney! I question Litten’s statement as published on Nov. 13th in the Northern Virginia Daily article “Board receives confidentiality outline draft:” “…releasing such information to the public (before such release is appropriate) would undermine the very purpose of County government.” Huh?

Concerned that I may have taken this out of context, I have reviewed articles and conclude this to be the very basis of concern; perhaps he views our board as having dictatorial power. Populations have indeed given up freedoms in part to county governance, but not Shenandoah County.

If I understand the issue that’s brought forward, Litten’s outwardly concerns are the very same initiatives brought forth by our citizens in patriotic duty to selflessly place themselves in harm’s way for the good of their fellow man.

Litten’s reference to the “bang for the buck” seriously offends me. From the conception of the fire department, men and women have given their lives in saving persons and property from fire! Selfless acts of Americans. Take my money and invest it in the Toms Brook Fire Department.

Rex Ingram, Maurertown