Letter to the Editor: Don’t ignore evidence supporting marriage


Concerning Gene Rigelon’s rebuttal to Kitty Martz on the Northern Virginia Daily Opinion page, he pontificates that we should not use the Bible as our guide for opposing homosexual marriage due to a lack of evidence verifying its claims, then conveniently ignores several thousand years of evidence supporting the union of one man to one woman.

All of mankind has benefitted from this model of marriage that has been in place for again, thousands of years. Every society, every nation on every continent throughout all recorded history has proven this to be the very bedrock of all humanity.

We only know of one verifiable fact concerning homosexual marriage; they can’t reproduce themselves. Pesky detail, but becomes a larger issue when faced with the continuation of a species. But hey, it’s only evidence, make of it what you will.

Indeed his only prerequisite is love. Leona Helmsley could have married the pet she left her millions to if that were the standard. Seriously, what’s next?

Moving on to his notion of peace, happiness and prosperity; he never defines his vision nor gives us a path to arrive there. Again the evidence shows that if mankind hasn’t learned to just get along a la Rodney King, then we probably never will. Doesn’t matter how long the liberals stand around the campfire singing John Lennon’s “Imagine.” Whose euphoria are we to look for? Your’s or Hitler’s, Stalin’s or Mother Theresa’s, Hugh Hefner’s or Pol Pot’s?

If mankind continues to kill and maim, is it because of the principles of the Bible? I can assure you that when I lock my doors before bedtime, it’s not because I fear a Christian may pounce and baptize me while I slumber; rather, I fear the secular humanist who may not practice “love thy neighbor as thyself” and whose vision of peace, prosperity and happiness involves helping himself to what doesn’t belong to him, including my wife and daughters. My mother raised us to sweep around our own backdoor and practice what we preach. Stick to the evidence. Sleep well.
Michael Dick, Front Royal