Letter to the Editor: Evans Home now aiding homeless children


As has been reported in recent months, the William & Henry Evans Home, located in Winchester, has broadened its program to assist not only abused and neglected children, but now is also assisting homeless children in the area. These are children of parents/families who have fallen on hard times and are unable to provide their children with the necessary housing and support needed to survive.

This has put an additional financial burden on the resources available to the Evans Home. The Home currently receives no state or federal funds to assist with the homeless children; thus, the Home has to bear the total cost from its operational budget, which has been very difficult.

This past spring, a fund-raising campaign called “Change A Child’s Life” was renewed to raise funds to support these additional costs. This program is structured so that an individual or couple could make a sustained contribution of $10 a month or a yearly contribution of $120 or more. Thus far, this campaign has been successful and has resulted in many individuals, local churches and civic clubs supporting this worthy cause. Because the need is growing all the time, our goal is to continue this fund-raising campaign through the end of this year.

By way of this letter, we want to thank those in our community who have made a commitment to the “Change A Child’s Life” campaign in support of the neglected, abused and homeless children of our community. This has been a great way of expressing our love and support of these children, their families, and of making a positive contribution to our community. If you would like further information about this program, you can contact Marc Jaccard, executive director of the Evans Home.

These children need our support. We are blessed to have the Evans Home in our region of Virginia and a dedicated and caring staff that loves the kids they serve. Make a contribution and “Change A Child’s Life” today! Please help us make a difference.

We appreciate your support.

Jane and John Capehart, Winchester