Letter to the Editor: Extraordinary proof has not been given


I have no doubt about the sincerity of letter writer Kitty Martz’s beliefs but she cannot use circular logic by quoting the Bible to prove it is inspired by God. There is no credible evidence that backs that claim. To be valid, such extraordinary claims must be backed by extraordinary proof and extraordinary proof has not been given. If such proof does ever come to light backed by plausible scientific explanations, I will be more than happy to change my opinion on the matter of gay marriage. Until then, one must not use the Bible to support legislation to oppose the right of people to marry the one they love.

I am familiar with the works of Lee Strobel, mentioned in Martz’s letter to the editor, and I find him less than credible to say the least. If anything, he has bolstered my resolve that secular humanism is the right path for me and I live my accordingly.

As long as we are in the challenging mode, I suggest that Martz read the works of Bishop John Shelby Spong, who has written extensively on this very subject in books such as but not limited to “Why Christianity Must Change or Die” and “Jesus for the Non-Religious.” Using reason as his guide, he redefines the historical Jesus of Nazareth and Christianity by making it consonant with modern day thinking, thus demonstrating that one can see the Bible as a strictly human document and still believe in an all-loving God.

The point here is why does it matter that progressive theologians like Spong believe in God and secular humanists do not. What matters is that we agree that with reason and compassion as our guide we must work together to create a world in which peace, happiness and prosperity are enjoyed by all.

Gene Rigelon, Front Royal