Letter to the Editor: Selectively quoting Bible for point nonsensical


Forgive me for beating the proverbial dead horse, but I would like to thank Pastor Harold Wetzel of New Market for making my point in a recent letter to the editor that selectively quoting the Bible to make a point is simply nonsensical.

God did not inspire or write the Bible, fallible scientifically ignorant human beings who thought the Earth was flat, the sun orbited the earth and women were the property of men did. So quoting the Bible to justify slavery makes just about as much sense as quoting the Bible to justify opposing gay marriage.

Homosexuality is not a matter of choice and is neither abnormal, unnatural or sinful. No one can cause another to become homosexual nor can one’s sexual orientation be changed by others. Those who hold those opinions are simply wrong.

I humbly suggest that those who call themselves Christian take a lesson from Bishop John Shelby Spong. “The task of the Christian Church is to make life whole. Acceptance and love do that. Judgment and condemnation are exact opposites. For the life of me I cannot under stand how Christianity can be understood by anyone as condemning homosexuality. That stance violates everything I know about Jesus and in the gospels he never mentions it.”

Finally, the legal battle against gay marriage is all but over. And so may I be so bold as to suggest that all church leaders who disapprove of homosexuality put their personal feelings aside and support the right for all Americans, no matter their sexual orientation, to marry and raise a family.

Gene Rigelon, Front Royal