Letter to the Editor: There are no GOP storm troopers


I don’t know what I find more fascinating, the ignorance of Andy Schmookler’s articles, or the fact that newspapers continue to give him a voice. It is obvious that he hates the GOP, that much is clear. But the way he spins facts into his theories is nothing short of mind boggling.
I hope that someone will tell him that the GOP is just people who align themselves with a particular ideology. There are no GOP storm troopers, or organized paramilitary GOP groups like there were in Nazi Germany.

Without proof or description of methods, Schmookler accuses the GOP of “transferring wealth and power from average Americans to the richest and mightiest few.” However, our government has the power to do all that he accuses the GOP of doing, and more, and the last time I checked, members of both parties held power in government. It is government in general, people we elect, that are the real danger. They wield the power to do the things that he envisions.

Most people out of government fear an unchecked government with the power it possesses, and to constantly rail against the GOP as an organization with some sort of power over and above that of our federal government is delusional. There are many “immoral and unjust acts” done by members of both parties in their private lives and as members of our ruling government. It is up to the people who put them there to keep them in check.

If Schmookler disagrees with the GOP philosophy of government, that is his right, but the GOP does not have any more power than the Democrats outside of government, Constantly seeing his foolish rants be given prominence in local papers prompts me to wonder why he is given that opportunity so often. Is it the mysterious award (Mad magazine?), his lone voice crying in the wilderness, or does the media feel sorry for him because he was trounced in his attempt to enter the hallowed halls of government? No matter, every chance I see his tripe in print, I will try to respond. Somebody has to do it.

Andy Caviness, Luray