Letter to the Editor: Essential services have been removed


Seriously, in my opinion, the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors’ rationale makes for interesting study.

Votes of 3 to 2 are rather consistent and remains so with the issue of the Toms Brook Fire Department. Now the EMTs have been moved into the county administration building, and this does nothing to ensure District 5 citizens’ safety.

As a citizen, I feel less certain than those who oppose my elected representative.

Being left to this consistent opposition and the concern of the health and safety of my family and friends within District 5, I have made note of Virginia law §15.2-209: notice to be given to counties, cities, and towns of tort claims for damages.

My hopes are that this will never be needed, however essential services have been established and removed.

Medical attention and survival are often measured in minutes. I have nothing but praise for those persons who are trained in the field of fire, rescue and emergency medical procedures. The continuation of the county Board of Supervisors holds District 5’s taxes hostage.

Rex Ingram, Maurertown