Letter to the Editor: Children’s blood on president’s hands


Driving home from Christmas shopping, I heard the news story of four children in Iraq beheaded because they refused to denounce Christ and convert to Islam.

Of course the blame for this unspeakably horrible act lands firstly on ISIS/ISIL/radical Islam. But the blame also lands squarely on our president’s shoulders. Since becoming president of the United States of America, Barack Obama has done everything in his power to diminish the United States’ position in the world. He has decimated our military, apologized to the world for our so-called mistakes and set free horrible men from the Guantanamo Bay detention camp in exchange for a deserter. His actions have created a power vacuum that ISIS works daily to fill.

Rather than focusing on defeating ISIS/ISIL, President Obama wants the citizens of the United States to focus on so-called “racism” in Ferguson. When even more children were massacred in a Pakistan school, our fearless leader decided to switch the focus to Cuba! Then he and our first lady decided to fuel the racism claim and maintain that they were discriminated against personally – President Obama was mistaken for a valet and Mrs. Obama was asked to help someone get something off of a high shelf while shopping. (I’ve been asked to help somebody get something off a high shelf – do you think the person who asked me was anti-white-skinned people?)

As far as the racism claim is concerned, I assure the president that those Iraqi and Pakistani children were most likely not white-skinned, blond  haired and blue eyed. They probably had beautiful olive-colored skin with dark hair and brown eyes. The color of their skin matters not. They were precious. They are gone. Their blood is on our president’s hands.

Jane Silek, Front Royal