Letter to the Editor: I won’t chance afterlife by denying God’s existence


I read with interest letter after letter from those that do not believe in God and in the effort that is put out to prove that there is no divine creator. If he does not exist, then drop it and move on.

Around this time of the year — yes it is Christmas and not a winter holiday or whatever else you want to call it — these comments come out of the woodwork. I just noticed a Christmas tree in a window of a family that does not believe in the birth of Jesus, so what are they celebrating? I’m totally confused. Before you make a comment, I will save you the ink. It takes very little to confuse me.

Lots of comments say Christians try to push our ideas down people’s throats and we force our ideas on others. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Do you hear of Christians beheading families because they don’t follow our God? The opposite is true. Millions of people have been slaughtered and still are today because they will not deny their God, the God that forgives and loves us no matter what.

Now for the nonbelievers. If someone broke down your door and told you and your family that you would be murdered in the cruelest way possible if you did not confess in the God we Christians believe in, what would you do? I bet I know the answer. Christians give their lives every day because they do not deny our divine creator.

Non-believers say we can’t prove Jesus ever lived, died or arose from the dead after three days, that there are no records to prove he ever existed. I don’t doubt it for a split second and maybe I have no proof, except what I know in my heart, but I will not chance my afterlife by denying his existence.

Earl Cutlip, Strasburg