Letter to the Editor: Life fought is life lost, not life lived


“Ahh, yes,” I thought, while reading Gene Rigelon’s letter to the editor on Dec. 18. “Yes and…”

Rigelon’s words resonated like the plea, or lately, the wail heard rising from populations world wide, a chorus crying for relief. How we all yearn to lift the pall of torment that is blanketing our earth!

Would that we — people collectively — could freeze one thought, simultaneously. If we could think — in sync — could we, the present global population, become conscious of our placement as the planet’s latest residents and stewards?   If we saw ourselves as lead creatures, for better or for worse in planet management and fellow creature care, could we proudly defend our legacy? Basic perspective might help us see that life fought is life lost, not life lived.

Will mankind learn the inescapable fact that we can be our own worst enemies, wasting our brief lifetime, letting angst trump the innumerable delights available to us, throughout every day that we can coexist in peace?

Deon Jaccard, Woodstock