Letter to the Editor: Small churches not too small to help


This is a letter to all Christian churches that consider themselves too small to be a host congregation in the Family Promise program. It only takes love and a roof.

OK, I might have exaggerated a tiny bit — it does take heat and cooling and food, but those are small costs when weighed against helping a homeless family back on its feet under the nurturing care of Christian disciples. Jesus told us to love God and love neighbor. He also tells us that serving our neighbor is the same as serving him, Matthew 25. Real love is sacrificial. It involves giving at a cost to ourselves. We don’t love for something in return and we don’t love out of our abundance or convenience; we love because someone needs it. I’ve never been prouder than when Lebanon Lutheran Church and Saumsville Christian Church looked beyond themselves and decided small, rural churches could host.

There are lots of very legitimate reasons why churches cannot host. I do not pretend that there are not. What I do know is that God is bigger than all good human reasons. The Bible is complete with examples of God using the weak and those who seem the least able to carry out his tasks. They too had good reasons not to do what he wanted but God always prevails! All glory and praise went to God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for his work! Is that not what we all want now as well?

I know churches are pursuing greatly needed ministries with the same passion we are pursuing Family Promise. I am not asking you to change. I am addressing those churches that are struggling with the confidence to take this step of faith. A church may not have much, but it has enough. Be good stewards and invest the talents and treasures of your church into God’s kingdom.

There is a lot of incorrect information and assumptions about Family Promise. Before deciding not to host, bring your concerns to the next Family Promise meeting at 6:30 p.m. Jan. 13 at Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church near Woodstock.

Pastor JD Cutlip, Strasburg