Letter to the Editor: What’s the real reason why Michael Brown is dead?


Discussions tend to be polarizing on the subject of Michael Brown and Ferguson, Missouri, and I suspect my viewpoint won’t help the situation. There is much talk about blacks and their involvement with the police, but I have a question. Why doesn’t anyone discuss the real reason why Brown is dead?

The toxicology report revealed that Michael had marijuana, and only that, in his system. I have no doubt that my next comments will also be polarizing but they make more sense than anything I have heard coming out of this incident. By now, some of the readers will be screaming at this letter, saying, “Don’t you know that marijuana doesn’t produce violence?” I will say most of the time it doesn’t, but all of the time it distorts judgment!

Brown, the “gentle giant” with no significant history of misconduct, a recent high school graduate, no mental health history and known by his friends and family as a decent kid, took a box of cigars and pushed the clerk while being filmed by the ever-present security cameras. Then, unlike a real criminal, he walks down a main street in the middle of the road with the cigar box in open view.

Marijuana impacts judgment. Marijuana distorts reality. Marijuana killed Michael Brown!

Mike Dart, Rileyville

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