Letter to the Editor: Warren animal shelter thanks community


The Humane Society of Warren County would like to thank the entire community.

As an open admission animal shelter, we have been working diligently to increase adoptions, reclaims, and transfers to rescue. We do this to reduce the use of unnecessary euthanasia and save more lives. In 2014, we helped 1,175 cats, 831 dogs, 61 other companion animals, and 185 families in need of emergency vet, spay/neuter or food pantry assistance.

  • 1,129 animals were adopted, 60 percent
  • 317 pets were reunited with their families, 17 percent
  • 126 animals were transferred to rescues, 7 percent

In 2014, we had a 51 percent decrease in euthanasia and an overall save rate of 84 percent. We are well on our way to saving 90 percent of the animals in our care and becoming a no kill facility.

We could not have done this without the support of our community. The area residents who followed our Facebook page, adopted, reclaimed a pet, became a member, donated money or supplies, attended a fundraising event, or volunteered are part of these achievements and we thank them for helping us save the lives of the animals we love so much.

Lavenda Denney, executive director, Humane Society of Warren County