Letter to the Editor: Bush: moderate, centrist or conservative?


The following information is from the Jan. 12 edition of The Nation magazine. The final paragraphs of a column by Eric Alterman discuss Jeb Bush’s coverage by The New York Times. If this is what Bush stands for now, it might be interesting to save these paragraphs and see how things and ideas change after he becomes a candidate for president of the United States.

Alterman suggests Bush is “deeply conservative on some issues such as taxes and abortion” and we should “take a look at some of the other positions he holds and which apparently do not disqualify him from being called a ‘moderate’ and ‘centrist,’ according to the Times.”

Here’s what The Times says Bush stands on other matters: he endorses Paul Ryan’s budget, which removes almost all assistance to the poor; supports the George W Bush plan to privatize Social Security; supports voter ID laws that would cut the number of minorities who can vote; supports NRA’s “stand your ground” legislation (remember Trayvon Martin?); opposes gay marriage and would restrict gay people’s right to adopt; doesn’t believe climate change is real.

Of course he believes that Obama’s deal with Cuba is completely wrong, and the list goes on.

For all this they are calling Jeb Bush a “moderate” or a “centrist.” We shall see.

Gloria Rickel, Front Royal