Letter to the Editor: Comments about Dick Cheney unfair


I’ve read Northern Virginia Daily guest columnist Roger Barbee for so long it’s like I know him.  His column is one of the first things I look for in the paper.  Agree with him or not, he has been fair.  But he let me down in his column, “My wish list for 2015.”  Several comments about Dick Cheney were just unfair.

Some punches were clean:

For example, he said twice Cheney has a constant scowl.  The guy did not make his fortune on good looks.  Barbee found him, “a vulgar person” with a limited vocabulary because he said, “crap.”  Maybe Santa will give him a thesaurus.  He uses, “ill-formed logic . . .”  That can be argued.  Barbee wished that Cheney would just, “go away.”  Hey, Barbee can wish whatever he wants.

But then Barbee hit below the belt.  There were two themes:

” . . . he spent his life earning his living in government.”  and later  “Cheney is nothing but an armchair quarterback who has never been exposed  . . . in the field of real life.”  and ” . . . go away and live on your government retirement Mr. Cheney . . .”  Barbee implies that Cheney had accomplished nothing but just feeding at a sheltered government trough so is not capable of understanding what us in the real world know.  If Barbee thinks government service is a kind of privileged existence, he needs to get out of the house more.  Talk to some civil servants.

“Cheney is afraid and he acts and thinks out of his fear” and “Cheney presents tough, but is a pathetic bully full of fear”  and  ” . . . he continues to speak out for a mindset that goes against every principle on which the U.S. was founded”  and “When he had his chance to join for battle during Vietnam, he took how many deferments?”  Without evidence to back up Barbee’s assertions he pretty much says Cheney’s a coward, a shirker and an enemy to the principles of the United States.  Lord, have mercy!

I am no fan of Cheney’s.  But fair is fair.

Ted Holman, Vienna