Letter to the Editor: Democratic candidates abandoned Obama


As a disappointed Democrat, I dread the coming Republican majorities in the Senate and the House. I’ve been casting about to place blame for this situation. I’ve found it. It’s the Democratic candidates in last year’s election.

By in large, they abandoned the president. Most of them were trounced. A grizzled grass roots liberal from Woodstock would have done it differently.

Decisive and courageous action by the president averted what loomed as an economic catastrophe — a worldwide depression. The recession was long and deep enough. It was but a ripple compared with what was imminent. Part of the rescue was the saving of the auto industry.

Then there’s the Affordable Care Act — Obamacare. Since Harry Truman’s time, presidents have tried to provide their people, particularly the less fortunate, medical care. All failed — until Barack Obama came along. His law has been widely slandered. But the fact is that many millions of Americans now have access to decent health care who were without it when Obama took office. Countless thousands more would have it, too, if callous politicians, such as the Republicans in Virginia’s House of Delegates, hadn’t throttled expansion of Medicaid (at no cost to the state).

There’s quite a catalog of Obama accomplishments in other fields, too — the recovering economy, immigration, clean air and water, ending wars, civil rights for gays and lesbians, punishing Russian President Vladimir Putin, and containing Wall Street, for example.

It’s impressive that all this was done notwithstanding the Washington environment — Congressional Republicans whose practice was “No,” and whose avowed principle was to “make the Obama Presidency fail.”

There’s no telling what the results might have been if the Democratic candidates in 2014 had boldly put their best foot forward while making sure the voters knew of all their leader and their party had done for the American people. It surely could not have been any worse than what happened! At least it would have met the rancid hate served up by the radical right, Fox News and plenty of others.

Bob Lowerre, Woodstock