Letter to the Editor: Jan. 17 issue of newspaper is a keeper


I do believe today is a changing day in my life. My usual Saturday routine is to wake up between 7 and 7:30, go to the basement and fill my wood stove, wash my hair, get dressed and then have coffee and read the newspaper. Today, I didn’t wake up until 7:45 and I was out of wood so I decided to have my coffee and read the paper before washing my hair. Now I am sitting at my computer writing this letter before washing my hair.

The first thing I read was how 6-year-old Gavin Grove was excited about going to a windshield factory and his mother’s effort to shield him from disappointment that he was going to experience. Then how his teacher, Amanda Rutherford and her assistant Katie Garrett, turned this incident into an exciting classroom experience. My mother was a teacher and I remember her spending many hours on teaching projects. Teaching is a difficult and demanding profession, and much of the time teachers don’t have the opportunity to see the positive results of their efforts.

Next was Pam Kassis’ letter to the editor. My goodness “girl” you do get it! I know from the thousands of hours that I have seen my children and grandchildren spend preparing their animals for the fair and showing them that this is a character-building experience. It’s evident from the support businesses and citizens give the 4-H and FFA youngsters that they recognize this as a valuable asset of our county.

Then there was Jason Wright’s and George Bowers’ columns. Both had powerful messages that most people can relate to. I am grateful to them for the lessons they bring to us.

Then there was Peanuts! My son tells me the best part of the paper are the comics. Every once in a while he will leave one open on my kitchen table that usually has a pointed message. I hope this isn’t one that he would have left me, however, most of us know one of these folks.

Thanks, Northern Virginia Daily for making my day. The Jan. 17 issue is a keeper.

Marian French, Woodstock