Letter to the Editor: Peace is possible between Obama, Congress


Word choices — semantics — are significant to me. Like rhetoric, they influence my understanding and opinions. When I hear or read in print the words of journaliss and authors or Congress members and President Barack Obama, I pay attention.

Since watching on TV the president giving his State of the Union address and reflecting on the responses of GOP congressmen, as well as of these, I perceive that we listeners, whether adversaries or allies, choose our own words to interpret what we hear. Here are some of my observations:

Regarding the raising of taxes for the upper rich, I’m an unabashed ally. Having reached a certain age that still believes “to whom much is given, much will be required” and “you are blessed to be a blessing,” I think these are sensible statements to use or guide in tax paying. I can’t understand the position taken by House Speaker John Boehner that these precious few are being punished for acquiring vast wealth. I hear it is an opportunity to give back.

About that veto viewed as a threat by the adversarial, I heard it as a reminder that the president was exercising his freedom to express his world view once again.

Just as the ants adopted an attitude about those rubber plants, I continue to hope that peace is possible between the White House and Congress. After all, both sides of the aisle have professed and reiterated a sincere desire to “do what is best for this great country, for the people of America.” They just need to agree on know to do it, starting from — and standing on — common ground.

Libby Truesdale, Strasburg