Letter to the Editor: Republicans need a better role model


President Ronald Reagan was a great communicator, but the Republicans seem to have forgotten that he also raised taxes several times, and that “trickle-down economics” have not worked. President George W. Bush left us with the fairly meaningless phrase “Compassionate conservative” and a can of worms in the Middle East. The Republicans need a new role model.

The Jan. 24 column by Robert Reich makes the case effectively: “Personal disposable income has grown nearly six times more with Democrats in the White House than with Republicans.” He makes the case for Democratic job and wage gains that fuel profits and hiring.

May I suggest that Dwight Eisenhower would be a better role model for the Republicans than either Reagan or Bush? Despite a 91 percent marginal tax rate for the richest Americans, “Ike” produced a broad-based prosperity. Eisenhower gave us our largest ever expansion of our public school system, and built our interstate highway system. We all take it for granted, but the fact is that every one of us, every day, benefits from Ike’s legacy as we drive from Point A to Point B.

Now fast forward to Obama’s proposed expansion of our community college system, so that our youth will be equipped for 21st Century jobs, and to his call to repair and upgrade our tired and worn-out infrastructure.

Way to go!

Gloria Rickel, Front Royal