Letter to the Editor: Life is precious and has purpose and value


What an incredibly enlightening piece in the Feb. 23 edition of the Northern Virginia Daily concerning Robert Smith and his battle with cancer.

The contrast in how this man battled his sickness compared to how Brittany Maynard battled hers is a microcosm of the world view that is being taught to our children today as compared to a generation ago. This man’s battle reminds us that life has value, purpose, and is a very precious thing that should never be taken for granted.

In Lane DeGregory’s piece so poignantly written we read of this man’s struggle to spend just a few more moments with his family at a hockey game while taking morphine pills to endure the pain and physical suffering he was going through because of his sickness. He knew the end of his race was soon over, yet he recognized that life is worth the pain. It is worth the struggle and heartache.

Imagine the legacy this man leaves his children. What a life lesson for his grandchildren compared to what Brittany Maynard leaves us with. What we hear from society today is yeah, life’s OK, that’s cool, pay it forward, whatever, but only if it doesn’t hurt. Only if there’s no struggle. Only if I get the car of my dreams. Only if I get the home I’ve always wanted. Only if I get what I want right now and don’t have to work, struggle and save for it.  Only if I don’t get sick and have to face any pain.

It is inconceivable that in this country today we are being told that life isn’t worth fighting for. America’s story is one of struggle and sacrifice. Without the pain and suffering of those who came before us, we would not even have the freedom to consider these issues, much less freedom of speech. Imagine a military trained to fight unless it gets too rough, then just surrender and hope the enemy recognizes the Geneva Convention. Imagine an America without the godliness and sacrifice of our founders. We’re almost there. Professing to be wise, we became fools.

Michael Dick, Front Royal