Letter to the Editor: Everyone needs to condemn ISIS

President Obama’s reference to former tortures, immolations and other cruelties performed in the name of the Catholic Church as it tried to maintain its control over European nations and their colonies is historically correct.
We have all heard the stories: the cruelty of the Inquisition, the destruction of the Templars, the atrocities of the Crusaders, etc. In England, Queen Mary (1553 to 1584) earned the nickname “Bloody Mary” for her efforts to enforce the authority of the Roman Ctholic Church. It didn’t work. England went Protestant under her sister, the first Queen Elizabeth.
You cannot take one item out of one page of history and insert it into another page.
ISIS wants to insert the cruelty and savagery  of the medieval caliphate into our modern world. It wants  to indulge in crucifixions, immolations, slavery and all the rest of it, meanwhile enjoying the fruits of the 21st century. This is savagery, barbarity and inhumanity beyond the scope of the English language to express.
We need every individual in the United States to actively and positively condemn ISIS. Every one of us should engage, to the best of our varied abilities, in the effort to remove ISIS from planet Earth, and I believe that those who follow the Muslim religion have a very special obligation in this regard.
Gloria Rickel, Front Royal