Letter to the Editor: Faith, prayer will defeat ISIL


Only by faith in the one true God and prayer will ISIL be defeated, but we have become an ungodly nation with no prayer in our schools, no “In God We Trust” and no crosses that may offend, no baby Jesus in a manger that may be offensive.

We have lost our basic belief in what made this nation strong and great and I do so love America, but insofar as this ungodly government, let it crumble and fall like the Roman Empire. It has become a burden on every American woman, man and child and a burden on children who are not yet born. With an $18 trillion national debt, we live in poverty and a lot are homeless and hungry and without jobs.

President Obama promotes and advances the Koran and Muslims and has forgotten the American people and the American veterans and “One Nation under God” and “In God We Trust …” The people are the United States, not Obama, and he needs to fold up his prayer rug and exit my White House.

Richard W. Slagle, Wardensville, West Virginia