Letter to the Editor: Government should serve citizens the people


I am writing in response to the Feb. 18 article in the Northern Virginia Daily about my challenging Mark Obenshain for the 26th district seat in the Virginia Senate.  In the article, you quoted Mr. Obenshain as saying that the version of ethics reform the legislature just passed had bipartisan support.
Mr. Obenshain evades the issue.
The real issue is that the bill that was passed is far too weak to make a dent in Virginia’s culture of corruption, such as the tremendous influence that powerful and wealthy corporations like Dominion Power have on our state’s politics.
Mr. Obenshain and his allies prevented something stronger from being enacted.
I am not running as a partisan but as a believer in a healthy democracy for the people of Virginia.  So it is irrelevant to me, and it should be irrelevant to the voters of this district, whether Mr. Obenshain was joined by some Democrats in working to maintain our present corrupt system.
The nonpartisan Center for Public Integrity ranks Virginia a shocking 47th among the 50 states when it comes to government integrity.  Virginia earns an F grade on the center’s corruption risk report card!
Mr. Obenshain seems to find this acceptable.  I do not.  I believe that our government should serve the people, not the powerful special interests.

That’s why I’m running.

April Moore, candidate for Virginia Senate