Letter to the Editor: ISIS and what it wants


So now ISIS wants to start a new caliphate modeled after the original one that started about 613 A.D. and ended approximately 1500 A.D. when the Muslims in Spain were given the choice of exile or convert to Christianity. So now they want their own land, where they can practice Sharia law, their version of Koranic law, justice and retribution, and where they can be free of the corrupting influence of the 21st century.

Well let’s say we give them a corner of planet Earth for their very own, assuming of course, the unlikely event that they will agree to leave the rest of us alone. How about the Arabian Desert? It is conveniently located, has lots of space and a small population which is conveniently Muslim. They can create their own replica of their Golden Age there — clothing, food, laws, slaves — everything just the way it was then, and the way they want it. That is the way ISIS wants to live, complete with incredible cruelties, and little book learning, where most people cannot even read the Koran.

ISIS can then forget the 21st century and all our evil and corrupting ways. Of course that means no access to our modern medicines, no penicillin, no antibiotics or steroids, and no anesthesia. There will be no electricity, and no internal combustion engines, and no need to worry about their women getting so corrupted they actually want to drive an automobile. Of course, there will be no AK-47s, but bonfires are cheap and easy to start.

Naturally there will be no airplanes. Remember what happened to Galileo, and he was only thinking about stars and studying the sky.

It will be a happy new world, or something.

Gloria Rickel, Front Royal