Letter to the Editor: Some politicians may need a new career


The theory is that our Supreme Court justices are safe and secure for life, well paid and protected by the Secret Service so that they can concentrate their considerable knowledge and experience on what is best for our nation. Unfortunately, in the case of Citizens United, they opened a can of worms, thus permitting rich people and corporations to spend unlimited funds on political campaigns, and the justices probably had no idea the harm they started.

The cost of an election promptly sky rocketed, well beyond the means of any congressman or senator, or governor, and a select group of wealthy citizens suddenly had unprecedented financial/political power.

So, now we have a group of politicians between the proverbial rock and hard place: they can vote the way their financial supporters have instructed them to vote, or they can follow their conscience and lose the next election for lack of funds.

Let’s face it. Politicians have already lost. If they do not have the courage to vote what their constituents want and need, they are going to fail anyway, so they might as well start on their new career now.

Gloria Rickel, Front Royal