Letter to the Editor: The cure needs to come from the liberal side


I thank you a thousand times for publishing the commentary by Andy Schmookler in the Opinion section on Saturday in the Northern Virginia Daily.

Every loyal American should read this, and we should all bow our heads in shame. I wish that some savvy economist would consider the cost of opportunity lost for any one of the bills passed by overwhelming majority in the Senate and completely ignored by the House. Try Obama’s jobs bill, for example. The loss to the nation is horrendous, not even counting the overhead cost of keeping the Congress in session. The human cost is incalculable in hunger, homelessness, hate and despair, and both emotional and physical pain and suffering, families torn apart, children in foster care, etc.

I am terribly afraid that we as a nation are still suffering from this strange malady. Schmookler is correct that the cure needs to come from our liberal side. To that I would add the press and social media. If any of you out there have any ideas, please come forward. I, for one, am willing to give it a try.

Gloria Rickel, Front Royal