Letter to the Editor: The nation is in debt, why spend more?

A headline in Friday’s Northern Virginia Daily was this: “Obama urges spending surge.” The federal government should spend more due to an upswing in the economy.  Really?
The last time I remember we were trillions of dollars in debt, and now this person wants to spend more ? How does this work? If you voted for him, please tell me how this works.  Really, I need to know.  I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, so put it in terms that I can understand.
I have run a business for 35 years and maybe that is why I am not wealthy. When I had a lot of equipment to pay for, and things got slow, I guess I should have spent more. When the towing business got slow and the trucks were not paid for, I should have bought more trucks. I’m beginning to catch on.
Just below that story was this one: “Unemployment hits the lowest number in years.” Do you really believe this?
A relative of mine worked in the oil fields. The company he worked for laid off 33 percent of its force. This is the first time in 20 years he has been out of work .  This is nationwide.  A friend of mine owns a large business locally and they are struggling to stay open.  For every business that expands locally, two either shut down or cut back. Yep, things are great.
I am really a positive person by nature. I see the glass half full, but an empty glass is just that, empty.  Oh, but  it is full of air, so my mistake. Maybe I should retract  the previous statements. Now I get it, a lot of air. Good fuel for a hot air balloon. See I told you I was a positive person.
Earl Cutlip, Strasburg