Letter to the Editor: Why can’t Virginia help its citizens?


Once again our Republican led legislature has refused to expand Medicaid and provide health insurance for an estimated 400,000 Virginians.  Why?

Not because they want to do the right thing, because that would entail giving people security and allowing them to get treatment for their ailments.

It would reduce the sum total of human suffering in our state. You ought to want to do that even if it costs money; but if you can accomplish that while actually saving money, you’d have to be crazy not to.  Well, if you actually wanted to help Virginians, that is.  Kentucky is doing it.  Why can’t we?

According to a recent study, Kentucky will have created over 40,000 new jobs with its expansion while providing health insurance to 375,000 people,  which raises enough money in taxes to pay for the expansion.  Oh, and Arkansas, another conservative state, did it, too.  So, who are you going to vote for next time?  Those who are wasting our tax dollars and increasing the physical and financial suffering of Virginians?

Michael Cash, Maurertown