Letter to the Editor: A beating heart denotes life


Who would have thought we would come to a time in America when someone would write an opinion piece in our local paper arguing that the murder of 56 million innocent unborn babies is a good thing?

Weren’t we the nation tasked with defending those who could not help themselves? What happened to the land of Washington and Lincoln? Is there no common decency anymore? No compassion? No remorse? No goodness? Is the love of money that strong?

It is an empirical fact that a human fetus gains a heartbeat by the time it is 6 weeks old. Doesn’t matter whether you are a theist or an atheist, gnostic or agnostic. It is a fact.

It’s proven day after day with no more than a calendar and a stethoscope. Is it unreasonable to say that a beating heart denotes life?  Farmers all over this nation go to what is known as a bred heifer sale. It is simply a sale where farmers have the opportunity to buy pregnant cattle. Think of that. Farmers know what our most brilliant thinkers do not. Certainly not to say that farmers are dumb, because they are not. They are some of America’s finest.

They understand that the cow they buy is carrying inside of her body another life, a life that has value and is not to be senselessly tossed aside because of that value.

Do we believe that the freedom to choose gives us carte blanche to do whatever we feel? Do we think freedom has no boundaries? Do we say that because we have the right to do something we should? Is there no place for objective moral values in this country?

We have the right to be rude to elderly folks in the line in front of us whom we deem to be moving just a little too slow, but should we? Does the fact that something is legal mean we should do it? We are actually witnessing the demise of the greatest society the world has ever known. All it takes is for good men to do nothing.

Michael Dick, Front Royal