Commentary: President’s tone anything but loving

Overblown rants from the lame stream media regarding Rudy Giuliani’s doubts that President Obama loves America were meant to brand him as outlandish and unreasonable as you might expect from the hypercritical left. It’s the way they roll when their hero is impugned by the opposition party, and it also elevates their ego to think they have forced nervy conservatives to their proper line of silence.

Well, I never did care much for lines and my take concerning the matter is much the same as Giuliani’s. For those who accept left leaning media drivel at face value, I think Giuliani’s remarks deserve a closer analysis. Unlike past American presidents, this president seems to be displeased with American customs and practices. You must admit that it’s a little tough for one to be fond of what one doesn’t believe in.

I question love of country for a presidential candidate who in April 2008 denounced citizens in Pennsylvania for clinging to their guns and religion, key elements of freedoms granted by our Constitution that have shaped America. Guns and religion are mainstays of the American experience and any belief to the contrary looms out of touch with American reality. An American president should embrace American freedoms rather than condemn them.

Love of country is uncertain, in my opinion, for a president who preaches to a crowd in Osawatomie, Kansas, in December 2011 about the abject failure of America’s free market economy. He went on to tell the crowd that America’s free market system doesn’t work and will never work. America’s rise to status in the free world is due in part to the economic system in play for over 200 years.  Americans enjoyed prosperity and success through our free market system with opportunities for all and room to grow. Attempts to diminish the free market that made America the world’s leading economy is political treachery, not love of country.

Love of country is uncertain, in my opinion, after he preaches to a crowd in Roanoke on June 16, 2012, about who to thank for small business endeavors. He announced to that crowd that if you have a small business, you didn’t build that — somebody else made that happen. How inspiring is that for small business owners who ventured their savings and sacrificed long hours to make their business dream a success? Those with the temerity to slam the door on hard-earned business success stories in America are out of touch with and at odds with the engine of progress under our free market systemm that has been the backbone of our economic success.

Love of country is uncertain for a president after he throws a trillion taxpayer dollars at an overgrown bureaucracy to reinvent a health care system that only needs to be updated. Adding insult to injury, the unworkable deluge of confusion is transformed into a bill and shoved down the collective American throat through votes bought with political favors and without a single conservative vote. And this bill became law with the blessings of a president who promised time after time that you can keep your insurance, you can keep your doctor and you will save money. As we all know, that was all hooey and it makes a statement about the true feelings of the person making the promises.

Love of country is uncertain, in my opinion, after a president runs roughshod over constitutional laws and rights that have ensured a fair and just system of governance for all Americans. It is not with love that a president abuses and misinterprets that constitution to agree with a personal vision of what governance, justice and fairness in America should be. An American president should be guided by the American Constitution, not his personal visions.

I think Giuliani has given serious thought to the disapproval shown by our president for long standing American policy, both domestic and foreign. He seems determined to diminish moral standards and personal freedoms in America to agree with those of other nations that can only dream of the prosperity seen here. Obama’s vision for transformation in America is not about making our country better as much as it is about his obsession for a sense of equality when comparing our country to others. May the next American president lead with a passion for freedom and prosperity rather than a passion to lower the bar for the purpose of national equality and yes, Giuliani had it right to doubt that love has anything to do with Obama’s  vision for America.

Leroy Donald is a Stephens City resident.