Letter to the Editor: A big thank you to road, safety crews


Each winter valley residents wait in anticipation and sometimes, trepidation, for the defining forecast: will we get snow? We have seen a lot of snow in the past couple months here in the valley, resulting in school and business closings, rescheduled events, and disrupted routines, all because snow inhibits our travel. While thankful for a few days off to spend with family, sledding and sipping hot chocolate, I am all the more thankful for cleared roadways which allow me to make it home safely, and back out to work or school.

I’d like to thank the many individuals who put their time into making our roadways safe during this winter season. To all Virginia Department of Transportation workers who salt and plow, to the contracted plowmen and private individuals who love the adventure of clearing the roadways, and pulling people out of snowbanks, thank you.

Thank you also to the road service workers on Interstate 81, who help those of us who have experienced car trouble in this frigid weather. Thank you to the local and state police officers, who have worked hard on the scenes of accidents.

These dedicated individuals (and more I may have neglected to mention) fight the elements and leave their own families home to worry while making the roadways safe for the rest of our community. Truly without them, we would all be in a ditch.

Thank you so much for your service. Safety and blessings as you finish out this winter season!

Emily C. Alexander, New Market