Letter to the Editor: Boehner, GOP need to shape up, do jobs


Things are looking up! The XL pipeline was vetoed. The Department of Homeland Security has been funded. Homeland spent a huge amount of money preparing for a shutdown, which was, fortunately, not needed.

The Founding Fathers believed in checks and balances, and they gave us a three-prong government: executive, legislative and judicial. Presumably they figured any two could keep the third in check.

I hope that House Speaker John Boehner and the GOP house of representatives will now shape up and start doing their job. Six years ago while the rest of us were celebrating the inauguration of a new president, they were huddled in a basement room trying to figure out how to ensure that the Obama presidency would be a failure. For six years they tried, but failed. If Obama had said the sky is blue and grass is green, they would have said it is the other way around. Even when he advocated something they were on record as favoring, they said “no.” Why?

Watching TV recently, I saw congressmen and others come forward one after another to say that the Senate had passed the requisite “clean” Homeland funding bill, and forwarded it to Boehner, and that Boehner need only to bring it to the House for it to pass immediately, with a bipartisan majority of the House. But Boehner refused. Why?

Well, we survived! We are still the strongest and richest nation on Earth. Our culture, our traditions and our exceptionalism are intact. We will recover and prosper. We wish the same for the GOP.

Gloria Rickel, Front Royal