Letter to the Editor: Haters can’t stand that Obama won – twice


It wasn’t long ago that Rudy Giuliani, ex-mayor of New York and failed presidential candidate, voiced doubts about whether President Obama loves America. Nearly every Republican I heard on the media denounced that statement as vicious slander. Surprising, therefore, that in a recent commentary in the Daily, one of our neighbors repeated this smear. Maybe not!

Those of the Rush Limbaugh stripe apparently thought it entirely American if millions of our people, pre-Obamacare, were without health care or could be deprived of coverage at the whim of some insurance company. They thought likewise of the congressional Republican’s announced primary objective, early on, of making the Obama presidency fail, no matter what the cost to our nation.

It gives Giuliani’s libel more attention than it deserves to contest it further. The haters simply can never get out of their craws the fact that the American people twice elected Barack Obama President of the United States — with votes to spare.

Bob Lowerre, Woodstock