Letter to the Editor: Kudos to the community for aiding with benefit


Once again we are reminded how proud we should all feel living in a small, supportive community. The Hope for Roy Boyles benefit was a great success, not only by the amount of money that was raised, but by the support and encouragement that we were shown before, during, and still now after the event is over.

Roy Boyles, his wife Sharon, and their families would like to show their gratitude and appreciation to every single person who took time out of his or her day to attend the benefit. The Boyles family would like to thank everyone who donated time, money, prayers, food, and silent auction items. Thank you to all who made the families forget about the unfortunate illness and enjoy the camaraderie for a while.

Our caring and thoughtful patrons of this community contributed to this benefit without hesitation. From the local restaurants, to the dealerships, and the businesses from all over that made this night a success, we and the families want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts and say how grateful and proud we are to live in this community.

Employees of the Warren County Commissioners of Revenue and Treasurer’s offices