Letter to the Editor: Loretta Lynch has experience in many branches of law


Thank you for publishing the letter from Hugh Owen of Mount Jackson.  I appreciate his concern that we get the best possible person for the post of attorney general.

I watched the hearings on TV and I do not remember Ted Cruz saying, “When asked if the Constitution allows the federal government to use a drone to kill an American citizen on American soil, if that person poses no imminent threat — at the hearing, she [Lynch] refused to answer that question.”  If he did indeed ask such a question, it is obviously rhetorical, and thus not requiring any reply, because it is universally well known that humans do not normally have the right to kill other humans, with any kind of weapon under any circumstances, American soil or not.

Our Constitution was written by wise and learned individuals, writing to provide basic immutable guidelines for the countless generations to come operating under a huge variety of unpredictable circumstances.  I think they also expected us to use a modicum of common sense.

Google has a brief, but comprehensive, summary of attorney general candidate Loretta Lynch’s education and experience.  I was favorably impressed by her broad experiences in many branches of law, her proven ability to manage a large, busy law firm, government or private, and by her ability at the hearing and before the TV cameras, to express herself clearly, succinctly, and with a smile.

Gloria Rickel, Front Royal