Letter to the Editor: No excuse for 1815 behavior in 2015


I had to think long and carefully about your story in March 16, in which you did not just discuss the incident at University of Oklahoma, but also included a list of similar incidents at 11 other universities in 2013 and 2014.
Most of the students now involved have brothers, uncles, fathers and even grandfathers who were members of those same fraternities, and who doubtless participated at similar activities in the past.  Additionally now, of course, we have the recent incident at our own beloved University of Virginia.
These activities appear to me to spring from a deep-seated cultural thing; evil, wrong and ill conceived, but nevertheless enjoyed and traditional.  The Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV, and wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day are examples of good activities attributable to the same generational culture.  Just like rooting for the old college team.  After all, singing a catchy chant seems harmless enough, until you actually listen to the words.
Of course, knowing how it started does not automatically cure the problem.  We simply must get these bullies off the streets, and their guns with them, along with that purveyor of the guns, the National Rifle Association.  There is simply no excuse for 1815 behavior in 2015.
Gloria Rickel, Front Royal