Letter to the Editor: Preschool not a reality at this time


I majored in early childhood education and child psychology in college, however, I do not feel preschool is a public school issue.

Kindergarten initially was intended to prepare our children for the school setting, socially and mentally. It has now evolved into a full curriculum with requirements for advancement, yet some states do not make kindergarten mandatory. Research does not show children who attended kindergarten and those who have are not any further advanced in their education beyond first grade. Why would our School Board consider taking on preschool when our teachers are under paid, buildings are in need of repair and space for pupils is dire?

Yes, I understand there are citizens requesting this service and they are willing to go before the county Board of Supervisors to plead their case. I would have too, if I had thought that I would have gotten free child care for my child with some educational benefits! Free transportation, too! Initiatives of great intention I am sure, but we have enough on our plates at this time.

Why does our School Board even consider bringing more children into the sad conditions I understand still need to be addressed from last year? What cost would be saved in cutting the preschool class that already exists? Surely that would add another classroom.

The facts are straight forward:
1. More businesses in the county have closed their doors for another year.
2. Shenandoah County has not attracted new business and new jobs.
3. Wages in Shenandoah County are minimal in general (with the exception of county government or employment in the school system).
4. Our county owes more money than it brings in.

As much as anyone, I would love to have disposable income to bring generous opportunities within the county, but it is just reality at this time. Perhaps with the election this November we can step forward instead of muddling along.

Rex A. Ingram, Maurertown