Letter to the Editor: Bible says we should love one another


Most of us will agree that the Bible seems to make homosexual relations a sin.

At the same time, we could also agree that the Bible makes divorce a sin with consequences required such as stoning the divorced woman.  Yet, I don’t see any folks throwing stones at divorced women.

Yet, those same folks who are not throwing those stones are setting about trying to ruin the lives of folks they do not even know, when they focus on depriving homosexuals the full enjoyment of citizenship in this country. Why?

In spite of the stoning of divorced women, the Bible makes it pretty clear that our job is to love each other, does it not?  How come some folks who profess belief in the Bible cannot do this for homosexual folks?  Oh, I know that they split the hairs saying they love the sinner but not the sin.  Balderdash! That is not an acceptable answer.

Perhaps we should do as the Bible says and love one another as ourselves.  But that requires that we love ourselves first, does it not.   Is that the problem?

Michael Cash, Maurertown