Letter to the Editor: Atheism is a belief, or disbelief


Gene Rigelon’s broadsides against God and Christianity in his March 19 letter presumedly are to leave one shell-shocked and persuaded to join his crusade against God.

Indeed, his defiance and arrogance is almost breath-taking. How sad! For, contrary to his assertions, dictionaries say atheism is a doctrine or belief that there is no God, so while it is not a belief “system,” it is a belief or disbelief.

If rejecting theism [belief in God] raises new and exciting possibilities, is Mr. Rigelon suggesting the “creation” of a god [wood, metal, etc.] by his own hands; over which he would be superior, and thus elevate himself to be equal or superior, and thus elevate himself to be equal or superior to God? How sad indeed is his rebellion against the loving God who created him. All life comes from life that existed previously [parent/child]. It follows that in tracing back to the first man and woman, you’ll find the pre-existing life is — God!

In promoting humanism, Mr. Rigelon makes much of uplifting mankind [apart from God], but in due time everyone dies. So in rejecting God, what is he offering his followers? At best, he is saying push your chest out, throw you shoulders back, put a big smile of satisfaction and adulation on your face and — die! Sadly, all that atheism, humanism and false religions offer mankind is — Death! God, however, offers life! The gift of God is that we pass from this life in death into eternal life! This is made possible through Jesus Christ, the God-man [God in the flesh] who died for us and then rose again. And he said because I live, ye shall live also!

How foolish is it to deny God? Consider the fictitious wooden boy perhaps saying there is no evidence to prove there’s a woodcarver! Run to Jesus and — live! This Easter: Resurrection Sunday!

Jessie Shifflett, Front Royal