Letter to the Editor: Del. Berg is well-versed in health care issues


Is there a value to having a doctor as your delegate? Who do you trust to make critical decisions that need analysis of complex details requiring intelligence, advanced education, and experience?

Thousands of people have entrusted their health to Mark Berg as he practiced emergency and family medicine for 23 years. Each individual’s care was given thoroughness to details. These same strengths also have served Mark as delegate of the 29th District. Important decisions made on our behalf were done with careful attention to details on hundreds of bills.

In this time of health care upheaval when individuals are losing coverage, their doctors, and privacy, someone well-versed in all aspects of health care problems and solutions is critical in analyzing and assessing logical solutions.

Del. Berg has taken seriously his responsibility to constituents by standing up courageously and fighting to protect our constitutional rights and for fiscal responsibility. When he found details that negated liberty or were burdensome on taxpayers, he boldly spoke out in our behalf.

If you consider someone who is trustworthy and courageous as deserving your vote on June 6, then you will elect Dr. Mark Berg to serve a second term at 29th District Delegate.

Debbie Berg, Frederick County