Letter to the Editor: County needs growth, new businesses


I drove throughout Frederick, Warren, and Rockingham counties the other day. I saw growth, business, and a lot of opportunities.

Then I drove into Shenandoah County. No growth, no new business, but a lot of opportunity.

Our county needs a boost and to explore new opportunities of business development and job creation. We need a facelift and it starts with the support of the efforts that Robert and Eleanor Whitehurst are doing with their property west of Mount Jackson.

If that property is rezoned into the industrial park, referencing the 576 acres, that parcel of land will attract a corporation(s) that our county needs and a great deal of new tax revenue for both the county and town.

The younger generation graduating from our local high schools or college could come back to Shenandoah County and find a career here. The majority of our youth today are graduating from our local high schools, going off to college, and finding employment elsewhere. They are going elsewhere because there is not an opportunity for them in Shenandoah County.

Everything about this is positive for our county. Just think, a boost in our economy,  job creation, a lot more tax revenue generated for the town and county.

I support the Town Council of Mount Jackson in approving in the near future the 576-acre tract from agricultural to limited industrial.

It is time Shenandoah County moves forward and into the right direction, and backward is not the right direction.

Matthew Frye, Edinburg