Letter to the Editor: Iran deal deal has not gone far enough


Currently, our commander in chief is asserting his “rights,” his ability as president to enter into a treaty with other nations, and I think that’s a fine thing, though I don’t think our deal with Iran has gone far enough.

We live in a “free” country, yet there must be limits for the general welfare. Kiddy porn is not allowed, yet some people are against the Federal Communication Commission’s rules about lewd words on air or in print, and I think we should have protection for the young against some bad words.

After the Civil War, a poem was written expressing the rebels’ new attitude: “Treason, fish and ‘taters for breakfast, fish, treason, and ‘taters for lunch, and ‘taters, fish, and treason for supper.” This poem hit the mark when it was written and it still lives.

I guess the worst thing that can happen is a nuke arms race between Iran and Saudi Arabia. There already is a new one between India and Pakistan. High ho!

Gerry Kona, Front Royal