Letter to the Editor: Progressives need to make their voices heard


I have been following politics in this country for nigh on to 70 years. The political rhetoric from both sides of the aisle has been embellished and contentious to the point of ridiculousness. That’s politics. That’s the nature of the beast.

Unfortunately, thanks to a group of extreme right wing flag-waving ideologues, politics has sunk about as far as it can in the gutter when they question the patriotism and love of country of our first African American president. These are the same phony patriots who gave their undying support to the chicken hawks who led this country into a disastrous war that not only killed and maimed thousands of Americans but opened the door for Iran to become the dominate power in the region and led to the creation of the murdering religious sect known as ISIS.

For too long now progressives have been vilified by these false patriots as unpatriotic for advocating for social justice for working class Americans. They say they love America but hate the government, that wearing little flags on their lapels and accumulating as much wealth as you can to the detriment of the working class is the American dream.

The real American dream is to create a country where everyone has an equal opportunity to live to their fullest potential. It is high time for progressives to speak out against the idea that the love it or leave it right wingers love America and progressives don’t when they point out what’s wrong with this country. As Sen. Carl Schurtz pointed out over a century ago, true patriotism means, “Our country when right to be kept right, when wrong to be put right.”

Gene Rigelon, Front Royal