Letter to the Editor: Shenandoah District needs principled representative

As one who has studied American history for 70 years, and been an educator and political activist for 55 of them, one of the most notable constants has been the presence of unprincipled politicians.
It is the rare public servant who truly serves the public. Why? Because very often, the desire to win elections trumps principle. And politicians are not the only ones at fault; the voters sometimes share the blame. Voters may not like a principled decision that was made by a public servant, and so, the voters search for someone who is a less qualified replacement.
This scenario is being played out in the Warren County supervisors race to represent the Shenandoah District. One of the two candidates, Tom Sayre, has served two terms on the Front Royal Town Council where he ruffled a number of feathers by making tough, principled decisions rather than unprincipled, easy ones. Isn’t this the kind of person we want in office?
I would say that having an individual with enough steel in his spine and iron in his belly is a blessing. Tom Sayre has demonstrated the courageous leadership that the residents of the Shenandoah District are fortunate to have. On Election Day, cast your vote to prove to Tom Sayre’s opponent’s that good deeds and courage are not always punished.
Bruce T. Clark, Warren County